Life is like a box of chocolates .. you never know what you’re gonna get..

As we entered the consultants office he stood up and greeted us both, after taking his seat he reached his hands out to me over the desk and looked me in the eye and said, I’m terribly sorry for your losses and what an awful year this has been for you both. He then introduced us to the midwife that was also in the room who also said she was sorry for our losses but we were in the right place. 

Prior to the appointment I had completed very in-depth paperwork including all of the details of my three pregnancies and medical history. That paperwork was on the desk but he knew the details of it and had clearly spent some time reading our records and he discussed each of the pregnancies one by one with us, he knew all of the details, how many weeks and days, how the miscarriage started and ended. 

It felt good to talk about each pregnancy individually and the observations that I had made, even though they had all been short lived they were all different. I was also more clued up and knowledgeable of my exact ovulation dates with the second and third times and so able to give more details. The first time it never even crossed my mind that I might miscarry and I was just floating along on cloud nine and so didn’t really have much information to share. 

After discussing the three pregnancies we went on to discuss testing and consultants I had seen and where we were at with our care. We discussed that the previous consultant was a gynaecologist but that is a very broad area and therefore not a fertility specialist. The new consultant agreed that I should use progesterone and that he treats all of his patients with it and that I was right to push for that.
For once I felt that someone was pleased that I had lots of knowledge and was listening to my thoughts and findings and agreeing with me! He also said that we are entitled to thrombophillia testing on the nhs and the consultant should have proceeded with that as he had originally promised. I knew it! He suggested he could refer us back to the nhs for that one test and then have the rest done privately but I was done with waiting and wanted to just stick with him even though it was really going to cost us. 

The consultant said that because all three losses happened within the same 7 days of gestation that he would say that something is happening each time that is a problem and that it is highly unlikely that this was just down to bad luck. 

We discussed the testing that he thought I required which was- 

* Internal scan to rule out anything anatomical, we had already ruled this out due to laparoscopic surgery in 2016 which he agreed was more than sufficient 

* Full blood & hormone count to check hormone levels, ovarian reserve and kidney/liver function 

*Full thrombophilia screening to rule out blood clotting issues and lupus anticoagulant 

* Full thyroid panel to check thyroid function & also for thyroid antibodies 

* MTHFR Gene mutation testing which is an inherited gene that effects your body processing folic acid/folate 

* quantiferon TB gold testing to test for tuberculosis infection 

* Full immune natural killer cell testing which if positive is when your own body is attacking the fetus as a foreign body and rejecting the pregnancy 

* we were also advised to have a DNA sperm fragmentation test on my husband but this isn’t done at the clinic and we need to arrange in advance with a company linked to the clinic. 

All of the above are the main causes for recurrent miscarriage that can be investigated and although very daunting I hope so much to have one of the above as other wise we would fall into the unknown category and never have any answers. 

After a private discussion we decided to go ahead and I was taken to the testing room, the room was like something out of an alien movie there was lots of women sat having IV treatment looking very pale and drained. A few of them had little bumps and were cradling their tummy’s, I looked around in amazement and even though it was daunting I still felt positive. 

I barely had any blood left after they had finished taking it, I made a little wish as I looked back into the room just before the door closed behind me. Now for the worst part even though I’m quite used to it by now… the waiting… 

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Sam xxx 

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